Shouts to PIDVKY
Let me start my first entry by telling you how I started DJing, and what I think about Hip Hop today…
I grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Hip Hop was life. All I knew was rappers in front of the store- freestyling, graffiti tags on mostly every building and subway trains, b-boys breaking on the streets, and a DJ cutting and mixing it up at block parties. It may sound like an old school music video, but it was my block. It was real, it was everywhere, and it was natural. Hip Hop is my culture.
Growing up, that was what I was exposed to. I knew I wanted to be apart of this movement. Breaking wasn’t my thing because I am too stiff to dance, not artistic enough to do graffiti, and not poetic enough to be a MC. DJing was more appealing to me. I saved up enough money and bought some turntables.
This DJing shit ain’t as easy as it looks. I would practice in my room for six hours straight, doing the same scratch over and over again until I got it right. I realized DJing takes time & practice. It’s an actual skill you must develop and not just looking cool in front of the turntables. I spent plenty of summer in my bedroom while my friends were outside playing and doing silly shit. DJing kept me out of trouble.
I was a battle DJ, I wanted to scratch & juggle records and be known for my skills. Now, I just mix records at the clubs. As time goes by, things changed and so did Hip Hop. Everything gets watered down eventually and the true art-form is not respected anymore. I see a lot of so called “DJs” out there not respecting or understanding the art of DJing. They call themselves a DJ by pressing play on a cd player, not mixing, and not knowing the history of who started this craft. Right now, skills is replaced with simple techniques and a push of a button. And that applies to the rest of the elements of Hip Hop. Support real Hip Hop, peace!
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