Local Celebrity Spotlight: Erika Mucker

PIDV caught up with budding actress Erika Mucker a few days before the opening of her latest play From Slavery to Freedom. One of the friendliest people on the planet, this rising star will be sure to brighten up Hollywood with her Kentucky charm… check out the interview below!

how long have you been acting?

1. I’ve been acting since I was 17.I’m 23 now so off and on for about 6 years now.

what was your first performance?

2.My First Performance I played a old lady that had this disease and a crazy cough.(laughs)

when did you decide acting is what you wanted to persue as a profession?

3.Well I always wanted to do something in the entertainment industry.Rather it was behind the scene or center stage.But after my first play and I Could go outside of being my self for a few moments and be someone else I was sold on being an actress.

who/what are your inspirations?

4.I have so many different inspirations but manly my mother and my grandmother are my two inspirations.My grandmother (god rest her soul) and my mother are the two strongest black females in my life that showed me that with hard work and focus any goal can be met.

Are you only interested in performing on stage or are you into movies/tv too?

5.No I’m open to all 3 I would love to do movies and TV.I would like to have my own TV show kinda like In Living Color and Saturday night live where it’s a new age sketch comedy show.

Do you have any favorite actors?

6.Oh it’s so hard to choose but my top 3 favorite Actors/Actresses are Angela Bassett,Angelina Jolie and Denzel Washington

What are some of the things you do to get into character?

7.I try to do some background on the character possibly shadow someone that is similar to the character I would like to give the audience.I try to find out bout the characters background story so that I can understand why they act or feel the way they do.

If a movie was filmed about your life, who would you want as the lead?

8.That’s a difficult one, I would say Angelina Jolie cause she’s the most that could pass for me but seeing that I’m Black I don’t know who would do me justice.Plenty can act but you have to sale the whole thing.(laughs)

What is the toughest obsticle that you’ve overcome so far in your path 2 stardom?

9.Well Luckily I haven’t had that many.But I would have to say just getting more people to recognize my talents.

How do you feel about Louisville’s Theatre/Arts scene(what could be changed/ improved?)

10. The Theatre scene here is pretty good, i just wish that there were more plays that were for African American audience could relate to.Being Tyler Perry Plays that come into town.We have good talent in this city it just has to be used correctly.

How did the opportunity come about?

11. Well Tony Burton (the director of the play From Slavery to Freedom and Founder of The Cotter Homes Production company) gave me another chance to show my acting abilities again. He’s the only one I have worked with in the city as of yet. I read for a character by the name of Sallie Mae.

Tell me a little about your character

12.My Character¬† is Sallie Mae, she’s a strong slave woman.She’s trying to convince John Tubman(Played by Tony Burton) to escape with myself and Harriet Tubman(Played by Sherri Dickerson) to the underground railroad. Sallie Mae is very passionate which can come off a bit rude and disrespectful but she just wants everyone to get to freedom like Harriet Tubman.

whats the funniest thing thats happened behind the scenes(rehersal etc..)

13. Oh Countless things that go on at rehearsals and backstage.But Here recently at a rehearsal I had a character say my lines to me.It was pretty funny.During one play I did there was food as a prop on stage and everyone was eating and forgot to say their lines.(Laughs)

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