Closer 2 My Dreams x Dolla

For those who dont remember Dolla is the rapper most famous for his T- Pain featured single “Who The Eff  Is That.” He was murdered, shot 4 times in the back at a Los Angeles Mall on May 18th, 2009. Despite the damning evidence, (which included security camera footage) somehow his killer got off in self-defense. It was stated that Dolla’s “gangsta music” had a lot to do with the decision. Now not to take anything away from his legacy, but “gangsta” is probably the last word I’d use to describe this former Sean John model.

The video above is a nice visual for Dolla’s Closer to my dreams freestyle (the boy can spit).  Visit for more info on his case. Gone but not 4gotten #LongLiveDolla

Dueces || Chalee

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