All Hood speaks to “facebook gangsters” that bash Gucci Concert

CEO Juan of All Hood Ent stopped threw yesterday to speak with DJ Thru Da Roof and Ms. Hoggie Baby on what really went down at the Gucci Mane performance last week in Louisville Ky. There has been a lot of speculations concerning Gucci’s performance as well as the turn-out of the event. We all remember the Gucci Mane concert that was supposed to happen Nov9, 2010 but was canceled because Gucci was prior incarcerated. Well as promised All Hood Ent Made sure that Gucci mane made an appearance in Louisville soon after being released from prison May 2010. There were lots of politics and money tied up in this event and All Hood says that “Gucci did not deliver…”. Do they still have a case? Check out what the CEO has to say. (approx 1:15:00 into the video)

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