Who are “Dem White Boyz”?

Dem White Boyz Beats

When PIDVKY first came across Dem White Boyz we were immediately impressed with their talent.  The southern hip-hop beat crossed  with a rock-n-roll attitude led us to believe that these boys were definitely on to something.  So we recently caught up with the rap group to figure out who are “Dem White Boyz” …

AcePIDVKY: Where are you all from and how did you get started?

DWB: Payne (middle)  is from Oxford, AL; Sikk (far right) is from Oxford, AL ; Skataboy (far left) is from Munford, AL

AcePIDVKY: Who are some of your musical influences and who would you like to work with the most?

DWB: Some influences are Eminem, Beastie Boys, Michael Jackson, pretty much different artists inspire us in different ways. We rock with everyone really.  We would like to work with Young Dro, Drumma Boy, Cool and Dre, Justice League, Rick Ross, Boosie, Fantasia, Mary J. Blidge, there’s too many to name lol.

AcePIDVKY:  Thats an interesting and diverse selection of artist, what do you feel sets you apart from other rap groups?

DWB: Of course our skin color, we are very diverse, each of our personalities are different which when combined brings something different to the table each and every project.

AcePIDVKY: What are some of your previous projects?

DWB: This mixtape that we are working on now is our first actual project. Before now we would just release individual songs until we felt that our full potential had been reached, that’s when we started this project we are on now.

AcePIDVKY: Being a rapper from Alabama, how do you feel it has affected your music?

DWB: It really has affected us and our music in a good way. Coming from Bama we aren’t always surrounded by the “sound of Atlanta”.  When it comes to Alabama music we are totally different from anything here also. We really do bring our own sound to the table no matter what the comparison is.

AcePIDVKY: That’s true. What are some of the sacrifices that you all have made to be in the music game?

DWB: Time with family, traveling expenses, gave up jobs, gave up school, SLEEP! lol

AcePIDVKY: lol i definitely understand!  What motivates you the most?

DWB: The fans, the money, the respect, family, God, knowing that we are different, the beats & finished products.

AcePIDVKY: Yea that’s all really important.  What are some of the projects that you all have coming up?

DWB: We are working with super producers, and major artists, finalizing this first mixtape, finalizing all the business that goes with it. We have started on our second project which will be HUGE!

AcePIDVKY: Cool that’s exciting!  Where do you see yourself in five years?

DWB: At the top of the game, Well Respected

ACEPIDVKY: How can your fans contact you?

DWB: –Facebook.com/DemWhiteBoyzTwitter.com/DemWhiteBoyz;  Myspace.com/OMGDemWhiteBoyz; (256) 452-0815

Thanks again guys for the interview!! Can’t wait to hear the tape!   For all of u that missed the “Mosh” video check it out http://pidvky.com/archives/2005!!

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