[Rants & Raves] Why Webbie’s “Savage Life” is the DOPEST street album of the 00’s

When I first said I was going to write a post on why” Savage Life” was the best street album of the 00’s I got two responses, “Trap Muzik” and “TM 101”. In short, fuck both them niggas. But to explain, “Trap Muzik” was the sophomore effort of a light-skinned nigga backed by Atlantic Records, which nix’s its qualifications. The next is TM 101 which… yeah yeah street classic, whatever.  But that nigga look like a ninja turtle, ain’t had a hit since  “I Put On”, and got called a FUCK BOY by a correctional officer 4+ times and ain’t do shit. He couldn’t even remix BMF better than the impostor, so that leaves Webbie. I know you niggas is out there like “Webbie aint have no Kanye feature,” “Webbie aint have no #1 ablum.” NIGGA I KNOW, he’s a street nigga, MY POINT.

Savage Life was a muthafuckin classic.   Lets go down the list.  G Shit, the intro track is as good as any, setting the tone of the album.

… Fuck another niggas business imma mind my own, ‘fore I get in another nigga’s shit imma find my own, yeah. Play wit me and bullets slang like stones. Aint no sense in wearing vests cuz them bullets catch domes. But cha know my vest i’ll never leave without that, since them pussy ass niggas try and shoot in my chest. You want that real gangsta shit, thats what the real niggas stress. Put the SAVAGE on the mic & its a a bet! Forreal…

Next up is “How You Ridin'” bad bitch, hair did nails, feet too? This was a trunk banger. Nigga, Savage Life dropped summer of ’05 I just graduated High School & this was the official swerving song of our class.

When it comes to back and forth buddy raps “Boosie & Webbie got the crown, you other niggas bow down” #BoosieSaid. I always imagined them taking shots Hennessy between verses. “Full of That Shit” is one of my fav tracks from the album.

The award for Songs I can go another 5 years without hearing goes to “What Is It”

If thats wasnt the most popular song on the album then “Laid Way Back” was.. If you’ve ever been in the hood watchin’ tv on mute, then this track was prolly playing in the back ground.

[youtube udnnDVaPQmM]

Lets see… You got the quintessential basic Bad Bitch anthem featuring Trina… Features from N.O.’s finest  & B.G. and arguably the hardest song ever made…

If you listen to this song and dont wanna break shit (and by break shit I mean throw on the girbauds, retrieve the throwaway from the alley and commit several felonies) you have no soul

PLUS! I aint even mention Gimme That. That song had every hole-in-the-wall club cracking open the back door & pulling out the extra fan.

Most good albums have about 6-7 solid songs.. I literally fuck wit about 12 songs.. Cars, clothes, money and hoes were thoroughly covered. Gunplay bravado, features from Underground Kang Bun B and Hoe’s Choice Award recipient, Trina, as well as 4 other tracks introducing his crew to the world completes a well rounded album.. Savage Life is the blueprint of the Hood Classic.

DOWNLOAD this shit. BURN it TO DISC. And go ride around on a suspended licnese…. or without insurance… or atleast without a seatbelt…. Whatever you gota do to get closer to the #thuglife


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