[Rants & Raves] Tha Carter IV: The Gift & The Curse

As of today, Tha Carter IV is the best selling rap album this year. CIV is the fourth installment of a series that shows us the evolution of Dewayne Carter. It went on to sell 964,000 copies it’s first week. Topping the highly anticipated, Watch The Throne. But is Tha Carter IV worth the hype?

In my opinion, Tha Carter IV is a parody of predecessors. The once self proclaimed “best rapper alive” shows us that it is pretty much factual that his prime is up.

Weezy teases us with mere silhouettes of former self on respectable tracks such as “It’s Good”, “Nightmares from the Bottom” and “Blunt Blowing.” Then, unwittingly, humiliates himself by being upstaged by just about every feature. Mostly reputed on the “Outro” and “Interlude” where Wayne doesn’t even appear. The lead single, “6’7” was an insulting to the fans’ intelligence. It was nothing more than “A Milli” taken apart and rebuilt.

[youtube y8Gf4-eT3w0]

So what happened to the old Weezy F. Baby? If you look back to 2007 you will remember Wayne had one of the worst year of his career. Tha Carter III saw countless push backs mainly due to leaks. The Drought Is Over series sucked Wayne dry (no homo) of his creativity. Remember when Wayne said he’ll never do a mixtape again? Vibe magazine counted down the top 77 Lil Wayne songs of ’07. Seventy seven songs in a year. That’s longer than Jay Electronica’s discography. The Leak, an EP that was suppose to work as a holdover for CIII, dropped around Christmas ’07 and collected dust on shelves across the globe. That was probably due to the fact that everyone had those songs earlier that year. All of these things, as well as the valet attendant rumor, play a part in why Wayne doesn’t deliver like he use to. I don’t think Wayne had much gas left after his continuous effort in putting together Tha Carter III.

So if Wayne is out of his prime who purchased Tha Carter IV? I’ve seen a few accusations of the numbers being fixed or the label bought them. That just goes to show… Ignorance is bliss. Why can’t an artist of Wayne’s stature have a successful first week? Again? Weezy’s albums in between the Carters III and IV, The Rebirth and I Am Not A Human Being sold 176K and 110K respectively. Birdman Jr. bounces back selling 964K, proving that the Carter is a very celebrated series. Maybe people are just fans of the series or Wayne more than they are fans of the material on the album. The first two were fan favorites and the third sold over one million it’s first week. We assume that we know what to expect when we buy a Carter album.

Even though some of us weren’t impressed with Tha Carter IV, we shouldn’t be surprised by the amount of success it is seeing.

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  1. Good post… I was also wondering how the man goes double wood and then turns around and does a mill out the gate without “help”. Not to mention one of his worst albums yet. Dude has a crazy following so maybe they stepped. U.p 4 dude who knows lol

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  2. it is interesting to see what type of longevity these artists will have. Especially Wayne who was really a child star. Most usually burn out but I’m guessing he’s an exception because unlike the rest he didn’t see his biggest success early on. I think the thing that hurt Wayne the most, in terms of quality, was no one checking him on the best rapper alive claims, while he was still yelling it on every song. Combine that with his fanbase there’s no pressure for him. Most artists after 10+ years in the game struggle to find substance, but Wayne has had plenty of things happen in his personal life to fill that void. Instead he settles to the ranks of a punchline rapper, rambling over dope instrumentation because at the end of the day it will sell. But in a world where money trumps all, I can’t even blame him. I just have to sit here and be another disappointed fan who remembers a youngin outshining his older hot boy companions, the legendary sqad mixtapes,”stunna betting the house on junior,” and the first couple installments of a series that seemed destined to produce a classic.

    good post my g

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