[Music] Aleon Craft – Donkey Kong

Mothership: The Decatur Connection is a collaborative project between funk legend, George Clinton, and creative, hip-hop/funk artist, Aleon Craft.  Mothership: The Decatur Connection is a musical creation consisting of elements from: Aleon Craft’s Mothership Decatur, The Parliament’s catalog – including, Mothership Connection – and original recordings from both Aleon Craft and George Clinton.   Paul Forrest, SMKA-affiliate, is the chief producer behind Mothership: The Decatur Connection and was tasked with taking all of the pieces from Craft and Clinton and creating something unique that reflected their style and vision.  Mothership: The Decatur Connection is an exciting mash-up project combining two very different artists, both with an exceptional creative process.   The project is presented by SMKA &Funkprobosci.com and is scheduled to be released in 2011.

Aleon Craft – Donkey Kong (Mothership: The Decatur Connection) by SMKA

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