[Mixtape] Jeremy Tha Prince – The Green Goblin

Jeremy’s debut mixtape, “The Green Goblin,” is brimming with hard hitting R&B, Pop and Hip-Hop records solidifying why he is called “Tha Prince of Hip Hop/ R&B.”

His approach to writing is unlike other artists because of his expansive music collection. “I listen to everyone from 702 and Cold Play to Robyn and Big Sean,” he says. In late 2009, Jeremy received rave reviews for his “Whatcha Say Remix” guaranteeing him a spot in the Middle Tennessee State University Artist Showcase. “That was amazing, but the biggest moment in my career has yet to come” he exclaims.

“Tha Prince” comes from a family with a great interest in music. He began writing and recording at the age of 12 and decided to become an artist after his first studio experience. He aims to make music people will enjoy and relate to. “I was in a gospel group at one point; I will continue to explore other genres and add the Jeremy Tha Prince touch to it,” he says.




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