[Sports] 10 Questions with TJ Pryor

Pryor attempting a pass against Chattanooga (photo courtesy of Terrance Humphrey)

The goal of “10 Questions” is to get you acquainted with athletes from Louisville who have continued their careers into the NCAA and maybe even further. For the first of hopefully many “10 Questions” posts, my focus will be former Ballard High School star TJ Pryor. Pryor, if you didn’t already know, was a three sport athlete at Ballard. He threw for more than 6,000 yards as the Bruins starting quarterback and also excelled on the basketball court and as a jumper on the track team. Now Pryor is his third season as the starting quarterback for the Eastern Kentucky Colonels. The dual-threat QB & 2009 OVC Freshman of the Year is soaring up EKU’s record books and is looking for more success as a player and for his team.

Coop: The season has started off a little slow similar to that of  the ’08 OVC championship season. Do you think you all can make a run like that the remainder of this season?

Pryor: Yes I believe we can make a run and still win the OVC. There is no team on our schedule that we can’t beat. But there ain’t a team on our schedule that can’t beat us.

What do you think the team needs to get better at to improve this record? Are there any key weaknesses?
The thing I feel like we need to do is just score points. The offense needs to step up and help the defense and that starts with me.
You’re in your third year as the starting quarterback. How have you grown as a player from until now?
I believe that I have learned more about the defense and I’m starting to understand the defense a lot better.
Have there been any major changes you’ve had to make as a player?
No, there hasn’t been any major changes at all.
You’ve been consistently creeping up the all-time passing lists for EKU. How does it feel to know you can be known as one of the greats at EKU?
It will feel great to be known as one as the greatest to come through EKU, but without winning any championships this can’t be done. All the passing records would be great but without any championships it won’t mean as much.
Have you gotten a lot of support from the people back in Louisville during your career?
Yes I have gotten a lot of support from my high school coach Mark Catlet. All my family supports me a lot and all my old teachers .
Seeing as EKU never has many players from Louisville on their roster, do you take pride in being able to represent the city when you play?
I take pride everyday and I tell everybody Louisville football is the best. I love repping for Louisville on our football team.
Back in high school you were also a star on the basketball court. I remember a couple of your games where you balled out. Have you ever thought about playing in college?
I thought about playing ball in college but football is my life. It’s a full time job and I wouldn’t have time to play basketball. I would love to play in college but it wouldn’t be worth it.
Are there any type of pre-game rituals that you have? Certain songs or music that you listen to?
I don’t have any type of rituals. I  just listen to music and get ready to do my thing.
What accomplishments do you want under your belt once your career at EKU is over?
Just to win a championship. Nothing more, nothing less.

The Eastern Kentucky Colonels,coming off an impressive 48-16 win against Eastern Illinois, are currently 2-3 and sitting at 5th place in the OVC.  Pryor has thrown for 674 yards and 6 touchdowns so far, along with 125 yards on the ground.

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