[News] Ear X-Tacy Closes it’s Doors

The independent record store’s 26 year run comes to an abrupt stop. Although Ear X-Tacy was one of the nation’s top independent stores it has been struggling financially. Just over a year ago the store relocated to a quite smaller building. With record sales down and numerous options to purchase music the competition was much too steep for Ear X-Tacy to continue.

The record store will be remembered for it’s support for local musicians and memorable in-store performances by artists from The Foo Fighters to Talib Kweli. One could only hope that someone would pick up where Ear X-Tacy left off.

Dear Louisville, and all who have shopped, supported, and loved ear X-tacy over the years,
It has been a dream come true…actually, a dream exceeded, to be part of your musical lives here in Louisville for the last 26 years. My life was changed forever, and guided by the power of music since I can remember. Music has been the soul, the heart, the passion of my life for my entire 56 years. The record store experience has been the only child in my life. Now, it’s time for me to let it fly.
Thank YOU…for allowing me to be part of your musical universe. Louisville, you made me feel like I was truly HOME when I moved here in 1976. It’s been a great ride, but as George Harrison knowingly said, “All Things Must Pass.” It’s with sadness, but also with great pride I say to you now…
ear X-tacy is no more

Long live ear X-tacy!

Please keep the music alive. Support the incredible music scene and independent businesses we have here! Until you leave this great city, you cannot realize what a unique treasure we have here. Embrace it, celebrate it, and promote it. Love it.

Thank you all for making my dreams come true. Thank you for making ear X-tacy the wonderful place that it was. I thank all of the staff that made this store THE hub for music in Louisville for the past 26 years. Please take pride in knowing that YOU have been the heart and soul of what this store became. Thank you for sharing my dream and exceeding all of my expectations! To all of the musicians who have graced our store and stage, I cannot tell you what a thrill it’s been. From the local newbies to the incredibly huge national artists…THANK YOU for gracing our store and sharing you incredible musical talents with us all…that’s what I like to call: “earX-tacy”.
Love, peace, music and ear X-tacy to you all,
John D. Timmons
President, ear X-tacy, Inc.

[youtube IslzaeonP9o]

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