[Sports] CBS NFL Power Rankings: Week 9

2011 Power Rankings courtesy of CBS


Power Rankings
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Packers 1 Packers · Trends 1
Is going undefeated possible? You bet. But coming out of their bye, they get one of their toughest tests at San Diego.
49ers 2 49ers · Trends 3
Can you believe they are up this high? That defense is for real. They have some young rising stars on that side of the ball.
Steelers 3 Steelers · Trends 4
Old and slow? They didn’t look like it against the Patriots. Love the way they have become a passing team. Here come the Ravens.
Giants 4 Giants · Trends 5
They sure do make it hard on themselves the way they play down to lesser teams. Or are they any good? The schedule gets tough the rest of the way, starting Sunday with New England.
Ravens 5 Ravens · Trends 6
That second half against the Cardinals just might have saved their season. At minimum, it shows they can still pass the football some.
Bills 6 Bills · Trends 7
They head to the month of November in first place. They have the Jets twice in the month, starting Sunday, so their fate might be decided in the next four weeks.
Patriots 7 Patriots · Trends 2
Where is the big play? Where is the deep speed? That is showing up now more and more. Even Tom Brady can’t overcome that.
Lions 8 Lions · Trends 9
Nothing like facing Tim Tebow to help right the ship. Matt Stafford showed his competitive fire by playing so well on an injured ankle.
Texans 9 Texans · Trends 11
They are 3-0 in the division and the schedule really softens in the second half. The AFC South is theirs to lose.
Falcons 10 Falcons · Trends 12
The schedule gets a lot softer in the next month, starting this week at Indianapolis. They might be ready to make a real push.
Saints 11 Saints · Trends 8
If they don’t fix that defense, it won’t matter what they do on offense. They are dead last in the league on defense in rushing yards per attempt.
Bengals 12 Bengals · Trends 13
That fifth-ranked defense with just a little offense has them 5-2 heading into a big game at Tennessee this week. They still have two games with both the Ravens and the Steelers coming up.
Chiefs 13 Chiefs · Trends 24
Somehow after that 0-3 start, they are now tied for first place in the division. With two winnable games coming up, they could get to 6-3. Wow.
Chargers 14 Chargers · Trends 10
They just haven’t looked right. And it starts with Philip Rivers. Now here come the Packers to town.
Raiders 15 Raiders · Trends 15
It’s Carson Palmer time in Oakland. Time to start seeing if that trade was worth it.
Bears 16 Bears · Trends 16
Their two victories before the bye have them talking playoffs again. Matt Forte is the biggest reason why.
Buccaneers 17 Buccaneers · Trends 17
Coming off the bye, it’s still hard to get a handle on this team. They’ve lost two of the last three, but beat New Orleans in between. Maybe that’s not as big a victory as we think.
Eagles 18 Eagles · Trends 21
Did they right things at the bye? It sure looked like it against the Cowboys. LeSean McCoy is having a great season.
Jets 19 Jets · Trends 20
They come off their bye with a huge trip to Buffalo. A loss there and their playoff hopes will be badly hurt.
Cowboys 20 Cowboys · Trends 14
What was that in Philadelphia? The defense was horrible. This team is way too inconsistent.
Titans 21 Titans · Trends 19
The defense had a big day against the Colts. Then again, what defense doesn’t? When does Chris Johnson get it going? Does he?
Redskins 22 Redskins · Trends 18
They have big problems on offense, and it showed in a big way against the Bills. Mike Shanahan was shut out. That’s the first time — ever. Ouch.
Panthers 23 Panthers · Trends 22
They are playing a lot of close games, which is progress. But the defense still needs work. Cam Newton doesn’t.
Browns 24 Browns · Trends 23
They just can’t get any big plays down the field. The offense is limited, and it might be because of Colt McCoy.
Vikings 25 Vikings · Trends 28
They have to be excited about the play of Christian Ponder. He plays smart like a veteran.
Jaguars 26 Jaguars · Trends 25
They just don’t do enough on offense, but that can’t be fixed this season, not with a rookie starter who is struggling.
Seahawks 27 Seahawks · Trends 26
They are 31st in total offense. Is that a shock considering the decisions they made at quarterback?
Broncos 28 Broncos · Trends 27
How long do they go with the Tim Tebow experiment? Could it be Brady Quinn time?
Rams 29 Rams · Trends 30
Give Steve Spagnuolo credit for getting this team ready to play against the Saints. The play of that defense has to be inspiring for next season.
Cardinals 30 Cardinals · Trends 29
Kevin Kolb isn’t getting it done. Will they have to re-evaluate that next season? Maybe.
Dolphins 31 Dolphins · Trends 31
At least they showed in New York that they are still fighting. Reggie Bush showed some life.
Colts 32 Colts · Trends 32
Curtis Painter was terrible against the Titans and the defense isn’t getting any pressure. The No. 1 pick is looking like it will be theirs.



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