[Fashion] Fluent In Fashion: Contest

PartyInDaVille.com is dedicated to setting molds for style and overall ingenuity for the trendy Midwesterner.  We appreciate all of the love and feedback, but now it is time to give YOUR opinions! What is your definition of fashion?  Would you define yourself as a taste-maker?  Do you think you have what it takes to be featured on PIDVKY.com?  Well now is your chance to prove that you are Fluent In Fashion by sending your photos to vix.ace@gmail.com for your chance to appear on PIDVKY.com in your very own fashion set.  The set will include your photo and merchandise featuring ways to achieve your look.  We will select the very first winner this Thursday, November 17, and the contest will continue week by week!  Send your pics in NOW for your chance to prove that you are FLUENT IN FASHION!

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