[Fashion] Best of/Worst of 2011

This week, we’ll be starting off the month of December with some members’ thoughts on how 2011 went fashion-wise. Everything including the best/worst trends to who stood out in fashion this year will be discussed.

Kanye West in his usual kilt assisted attire for the WTT Tour.

Vern: Whether it be a shag or a blouse, Mr. West never cease to amaze us with his forever changing choice of style . As of 2011, Yeezy will be remembered for the leather kilt he proudly rocked during the Watch The Throne tour. As if that wasn’t enough Kanye also decided to toy with Illuminati rumors with the Baphomet symbol on his shirt. He appears to be purposely looking for negative feedback during this tour.


Lil’ Wayne donning his infamous white leopard print jeggings.

Lil Wayne’s VMA’s performance was memorable for all of the wrong reasons. Weezy F. Baby has made some questionable choices publicly throughout his career. The night before the release of the Carter IV was no different. Wayne closed out the VMA’s performing the singles “How To Love” and “John” from his double platinum selling album. While doing so, Weezy donned what unmistakably looks like leopard print leggings. Wayne is definitely top ten worst dressed this year.


Rihanna being the fashion goddess she is.

Coop: In 2011, there was animal print…ANIMAL PRINT EVERYWHERE. I can not name one time that I have went out and did not see a female (or male) in some type of animal print. There’s something about that leopard print that makes an outfit stand out, and for very good reasons. Mix it with the red heels and you will make the fashion gods beyond happy. Even if I really wanted to lie, I just can’t do it; animal print is pretty dope. That’s if you’re rocking it right of course. For the most part, I have seen it rocked in the utmost ways (besides Young Tuna Fish’s VMA mishap as Vern stated above). I’ve frowned upon many female trends this year, including the blazer and fedora craze, but the plethora of animal print gets my nod for the best trend of 2011.

The Throne partaking in hypebeastism.

*sigh* Look man…there comes a point in time when things have to stop. December 31st, 2011 at 11:59pm is when this snapback hat craze has to stop. Actually, I thought it should have stopped as soon as Jay-Z and Kanye West aka “The Throne” started wearing them. I mean how do you have two trendsetters following trends?! That’s just crazy. Most likely, Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y are to blame for this epidemic. It was started late last year, picked up steam early 2011, and now it has been officially overdone (let’s not even mention Tyga and Chris Brown’s hypebeast anthem “Snapback Back”). Before 2011 kids  were reaching back to the 90’s for vintage snapbacks and what not. Now, we have every brand from Mitchell & Ness to Adidas and Reebok creating new snapbacks. They’re not original nor are they unique. Basically, the snapback is to 2011 what the throwback was to 2001; that isn’t a good way.

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