[Sports] Best of 2011: Sports Moments

Coop: At first, I had set in my mind that Chicago Bulls Point GOD Derrick Rose’s MVP win would be my pick for best sports moment of the year. Seeing as I’m a Bulls fan, it only seemed right to let The Great Poohdini hold this honor. That was, until the events of December 10th at the annual Crosstown Shootout between the Xavier and Cincinnati basketball teams. Xavier blew Cincy out, things got heated, Kevin Frease got dropped (on a sucker punch), players got suspended, but it wasn’t until the post game conference that most entertaining thing happened.

[youtube 5gpS7PSYWcM]

“We got a whole bunch of gangsters in the locker room.”– Xavier Guard Tu Holloway…YES, my biggest sports moment this year was a quote; a very funny and entertaining quote at that. The way Holloway states that Xavier has gangsters in their locker room ever so carelessly amazes me every time I watch the clip.  Honestly, it is probably the best quote I have heard since Kid Cudi declared he doesn’t fuck with Wale musically. It’s a shame the game between the in-city rivals had to end like that, but it brought a quote to be remembered for a long time; at least I think so.

Vern: I don’t want to sound like a hater but the NBA has been predictable for the past few years. With the Celtics, Lakers and Cavs owning the finals it was nice to see a change this year. The greatest moment in sports this year is when the Dallas Mavericks beat the team predicted to win it all, the Miami Heat. Dallas’ veteran team had a late boost in the post-season when most analysis said that they wouldn’t get past Portland. After going 4-2 with the Trailblazers they swept the defending champion, Lakers. Battle tested and still doubted, the Mavericks made light work of the Oklahoma City Thunder and took the championship all the way home from Miami. Not before partying it up with the biggest bandwagon jumper, Lil Wayne  at Liv of course.

Ace: On Thanksgiving the Dallas Cowboys took on the Miami Dolphins and I must say this was one of the most entertaining games all season.  Dallas Cowboy cheerleader, Melissa Kellerman, was tackled by TE Jason Witten.  The next day Kellerman tweeted about the incident and rumor quickly spread that the Dallas Cowboy Organization was not happy about the harmless tweets and forced the cheerleader to delete her Twitter account.  However, Cowboys’ director of public relations Rich Dalrymple later stated that Kellerman was not forced by the team to delete her account.  Anyhow, besides the technicalities, I found the incident to be very entertaining.  Check out the video below and watch Melissa Kellerman jump right back up with a smile!

[youtube raoR-c_ySpI]

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