[Video] Top 10 Local Videos of 2011

It’s that time of year again! Last year we wrapped up 2010 with a list compiling the best local artist videos. The plan is to do it annually. Chalee and myself are picking five of our favorite videos from artists in the state of Kentucky. These videos are placed by a variety of attributes such as success, quality, originality and most of all how much we like the videos, personally. So since you have some free time get your scroll on and allow us to put you on to the local music scene.

10. Sully Stacks Beats – “In My Zone”

Release: April  2, 2011

Views: 1,902

[youtube FZi3MCGs1-w]

Sully gets the number ten spot because he made an infectious ass beat that had me running the video back several times over. The song still gets spins in my whip. Sully and the homie Neisha looked like they were having fun with such limited props (some smokes, some liquor and a skateboard.) Listen to this about 3 or 4 times in a row and you’ll be singing that hook all day.

9. BST  featuring Skinny P and Troy  Money – “GTFOTK” 

Release: August 7, 2011 

Views: 5,757

[youtube BI6GX1qaSHE]

BST Gang is undoubtedly the most popular duo out of KY. They been getting love from the streets and are now seeing the same kind of love on the net. They’re very familiar with the list, coming in at a strong #2 last year with their “BST Gang” anthem.  This time around they are in the kitchen, whipping them birds with Skinny P and Troy Money.

8. Tha Flock – “Too Gone”

Release: July 18, 2011

Views: 5,076

[youtube iEM7EaN2Ku8]

2011 was the rebirth of rap cliques. You had Maybach Music Group, G.O.O.D Music, Young Money and the formidable Odd Future. I ran across Tha Flock’s “Too Gone” video after lurking The Aviation’s (another local rap clique) Tumblr. Their style was an instant reminder to OF. On the first view you couldn’t guess who was going to rap next with the rather large group of kids bopping in the background. The excessive amount of skateboards, snapbacks, cigarettes and tanks also give some hints of an OF influence. The production on this track made wish they would have called me for a verse.

7.  Polo Donatello featuring J. Cannon “I’m Throwed”

Release: September 23, 2011

Views: 13,599

[youtube 7eJQepP7mgg]

The Aviation had the best house party video in 2011. The censored faces added a nice twist to the video. Vodka and the cooking dance don’t really mix. I’m sure someone threw up by the end of the shoot. “I’m Throwed” is pretty popular on the interwebz; I’m looking for the Aviation to create an even bigger buzz in 2012.

6. Tarik Adams – “Heaven Only Knows”

Release: August 3, 2011

Views: 1,812 (YouTube)

[vimeo 27264052]

If you keep up with the local scene you might have caught a glimpse of Tarik playing Xbox in the back of an ambulance or giving Nemo Achida a pound. Now you can catch him trying his hand at music. A few months back Tarik dropped his very organized debut, Tigers and Girls. “Heaven Only Knows” tells the tale end of a story to a love triangle. The storyline is a little hard to follow but all in all it’s just as good of a video as you would see on mtvU.

5. Jamarcus – “What You Think” 

Release: August 29, 2011

Views: 7,939

[youtube C5Um6DqxPGY]

Jamarcus, front runner for hottest new local dropped a hit this summer with “What You Think.” Backed with radio play and club spins #TEAMNOE has no intentions of giving up the title of hottest in the city. With his new mixtape First Come, First Served and single on itunes, you’ll be hard pressed to find another ky native grinding harder.

4. Jalin Roze – Give It Up

Release: 8 Months Ago (Vimeo)

Views: 2,973

[vimeo 21833054]

Last year Jalin held down two spots in the top 10. He is one of the very few to come back and make the list again. Roze dropped the Brilliance in April, keeping the momentum from 2010  going. The visual to “Give It Up” reminds me of CRS’s Us Placers video. After an immense amount of shows and a dope follow up to Few and Far Between, Jalin continues to reign as Louisville’s hottest rapper.

3. H.O. Holla – “My Hood”

Release: June 26, 2011

Views: 1,382

[youtube FDIxZEWO6F8]

H.O. is probably the most slept on local artist out of Louisville. He dropped quite a few videos this year but this one stuck out the most. He shows off his storytelling ability while shouting out multiple hoods. H.O. is another local artist that PIDV is excited to hear more from in the upcoming months.

2. Nemo Achida – “Stoop Life”

Release: One Month Ago (Vimeo)

Views: 3,079

[vimeo 31699725]

Nemo had a very busy year. He dropped the Goodbye Brooklyn EP and later signed with 88 Keys’ Locksmith Music Group then topped it off with a free album entitled Nemotional. There were a handful of videos from the project but this one stood out the most to me. “Stoop Life” is like a sequel to “Memories.” A cool way of coming back home from Brooklyn.

1. A-Rod – “A-Rod’s World”

Release: May 16th, 2011

Views: 35,062

[youtube IAS9n7QghGQ]

Mixed feeling about posting this video. A Rod’s World is undoubtedly the hottest song that dropped this year, but all the controversy surrounding the ex-member of BST has almost consumed the hype, and youtube comments tell the story. There is probably some cool quote about love, hate and fame I could drop right here but i’m in a rush and don’t feel like googling. In short, A-Rod’s one of the most talented artists in the city and I wish him a quick return to the studio and the limelight..

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