[Videos] Best of 2011: Music Videos

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“No matter what size you grab, grab anything. Hats, scarfs, socks, wallets, nigga I don’t give a fuck…PATCHES.”

Coop: I probably couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve watched this video in 2011, or how many times I have quoted that line.  The Ralph Lauren tribute was one of my favorite songs all year, and the video has stayed my favorite since it’s release back in February. Being infatuated with the topic in the song myself made it really hit home. All while paying homage to the original Lo-Lifes, with whom he’s affiliated, DZA put his own twist to the lifestyle by showcasing the young but popular Rugby line. DZA kept the video thorough and made something for the streets. The Black Rugby Team of America hopping over  turnstiles and planning the “heist”, gives you a small feel of what it may have been like in ’88 with the original Lo-Lifes. The video also feature the instant classic Marine Pacific piece from the Spring ’09 collection that had many people talking. George Kush aka The Kush God definitely made a classic video for the heads and just flat fans of fly to enjoy.

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Ace:  So Mrs. Carter added ‘Director’ to her already accomplished list with the release of the legendary video, 1+1.  The track was the first single released from her latest album ‘4’ and it sure set the tone.  Beyonce boasts her amazing vocals over beautiful light strings, synths, and bass giving an almost a cappella sound.  As Beyonce is mostly known for her performances and dance moves, she kept it very simple with this one matching ravishing lyric to emotion.  The video uses mainly psychedelic visual effects as well as creative lighting, giving the video a cinematic feel.  Nonetheless, Beyonce and crew seemed to tap into the 50’s and 60’s with this song/video which i believe turned out MAGICAL!

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Vern: My first pick for best video of 2011 is KiD CuDi’s “Mr. Rager.” Cudder collaborated with Surface To Air and the visual to “Mr. Rager” was the promo for their collaborative work on a leather jacket. Directed by Jeremie Rozan, this video is very symbolic. CuDi battles with a lot of internal issues in a literal sense. They all come in different physical forms from bigger and smaller to weaker and stronger. “Mr. Rager” depicts something that we all go through everyday.

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Coop: The crew from Blunnitville dropped one of the most animated videos from this year. It is definitely reminiscent to something Busta Rhymes would have done in the mid to late 90’s. Aside from being for one of 2011’s best songs, the video for “Pasadena” matches the fun, cruising with your homies feel the song gives off. Everything from the over sized eyes and the sped up animation to Tube’s big chase scene toward the end make this video more than entertaining.

[youtube STIxztIo3KU]

Ace:   In this video Jhene Aiko uses uses anime clips from “Cowboy Bebop” and “Black Lagoon” to tell a story which i thought was super clever.  The lyrics matched the clip perfectly keeping your attention the entire time!

[youtube qi2no__AD7E]

Vern: “Barry Sanders” is a vintage Wale track. Most known for sports related rhymes, Wale made a whole song out of football and basketball references. The directors of this video did an excellent job of capturing every moment Wale spits about on the track. There is a lot of classic footage from Grandma Ma to Jordan’s flu game. Sports fans and music fans alike can appreciate this video.

[youtube 38QU8BnMEWA]

Coop: There’s no way I could have left this video out. When Asher Roth dropped this Chuck Inglish produced banger over the Summer, it was only right that the video be fitting to the song. They exactly that. There happens to be something amusing about Asher and Chuck running around different kitchens in New York producing a song. Like, Chuck’s really in the kitchen with a MPC while Asher’s hovering (and rapping) over someone trying to fry chicken. Not to mention Chuck bussin’ down so nonchalant that Kendrick Perkins would be jealous. “In The Kitchen” is a good song with an even better video.

[youtube yh6QxtRpSH8]

Vern: Kendrick Lamar killed all of our favorite rappers this year when “Rigamorits” dropped. I asked my brother what would his favorite video of 2011 would be and without hesitation he named this one. How could I forget? K Dot donned the Biggie look in one scene, stepped over dead bodies in another and held a “Please Help. Will kill your favorite rapper for money!!!” sign in another. If Kendrick Lamar comes off cocky or over-confident in this video he deserves that right. “Rigamortis” is a stand out track on Section 80 which is a must buy if you haven’t got it yet.

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