[Video] Joey Bada$$ – “Waves”

[youtube 51e1gIkzHgk]

If you follow me on Twitter you’ve seen me cosign this young dude at least once a week. 1999 is still in heavy rotation on my commutes to and from work. The 17 year old New York native has made a name for himself in the last month with the debut mixtape. Above is a the second visual from 1999 directed by Va$htie.

You can tell by Joey’s style that he is inspired by earlier emcees. Emcees who were clearly in the game before Joey was even born. The young rapper has definitely done his homework. He has honed a skill that challenges any young emcees who will come after him while rapping circles around most of the veterans.

If  you haven’t downloaded 1999 yet you can do so here.

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