[Music] Brian Ennals – “Newport Music” and “Drugs”

DOWNLOAD: Brian Ennals – “Newport Music”

DOWNLOAD: Brian Ennals – “Drugs”

Maryland emcee, Brian Ennals, sits back, observes and reflect on the jazz driven single, “Newport Music” and “Drugs” is pretty much self-explanatory. Mr. Ennals gets busy on both records. Both songs will appear on his upcoming album, Candy Cigarettes. Get a rundown of Brian Ennals below.

“A small town 15 miles outside of Baltimore City that’s only known for Toni Braxton and peach farms. The city gains notoriety for corruption and an underground club music scene while Severn gets lost in obscurity. This is the hometown of Brian Ennals. Couch potato, snark enthusiast, music connoisseur, sociologist, former experimental drug sampler. These traits of Brian are the nucleus of Candy Cigarettes. Using writing as a coping mechanism for stress, Candy Cigarettes teeters the fine line of escapism and reality. Addressing insecurities while dreaming of utopia, Brian releases mental burdens over carefully textured harmony and production.”

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