[Desultory] Dear Santa…

I thought it would be dope if shared some of the items that I think would be great gifts this year for Christmas. Below is a list of a few things I wouldn’t mind seeing under the tree. Ladies, this could also be used as a Gift Guide for Him.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2
I don’t buy games on the day of the release. I wait. Two games that get purchased every year are the Call of Duty series and the 2K series. I skipped Modern Warfare 3 last year because I found out that those don’t have the zombie mode. I decided to wait on Black Ops 2. Maybe somebody in the fam will hook me up with the game or a gift card to put something on it. If not I’ll just go ahead and peel for it.

You can purchase Call of Duty Black Ops 2 HERE

Dark Knight Rises DVD/Blueray
Everyone was wondering if the Dark Knight Rises would be available on DVD/Blueray before Christmas. Fortunately, it did release. The Dark Knight Rises is the best movie to release this year. I paid to see it three times and I even Google’d and read Bane’s script. The Dark Knight Rises DVD would complete my collection of the trilogy. This DVD/Blueray would make a great stocking stuffer for comic book movie buffs.

You can purchase The Dark Knight Rises DVD/Blueray HERE

10.Deep Bruisers Jacket
10.Deep just recently released their Holiday ’12 line and there is plenty of heat on there. The Bruisers jacket in silver and black stood out to me most. The colorway and design is LA Kings meets Mighty Ducks. The simple silver, black and white keeps it from being too flashy. 10.Deep is my favorite street wear brand and I’m trying to start a collection of varsity jackets by them. I’m at a strong three right now. I’m sure any guy would love to be unwrapping this on the 25th. Hook him up with the Bruiser Jacket.

You can purchase the 10.Deep Bruiser Jacket HERE

New Balance 1300 “Grape”
The shoe is just simply dope. The grey and purple colorway on them are sharp and in season. They would look great surrounded by dead leaves on your Instagram if used with the right filter. Made in the USA. You can never go wrong with the quality on a New Balance sneaker. These have had quite the buzz lately. You might want to grab them fast.

You can purchase the New Balance 1300 “Grape” HERE

Converse Jack Purcell LTT OX
These were released during the summer. They are definitely a summertime shoe. These would make a great gift. Give him something he could put up until it’s time to bring the shorts back out. If you enjoy Bape’s camo but don’t want to pay the price this shoe is for you. Since the shoe is a few months old you might want to jump on these while you can find them. Karmaloop just restocked them.

You can purchase the Converse Jack Purcell LTT OX HERE

Hopefully this list could help moms, aunts and girlfriends find something for Him. Some honorable mentions would be Xbox Live Gold Membership cards, clothing store or restaurant gift cards or his favorite team apparel.

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