[Rants and Raves] The Local Rapper’s Manual

It’s the beginning of the New Year which usually means a fresh start for a lot of people. A small handful of those people being aspiring rappers. In high hopes to help local talent this year I put together the Local Rapper’s Manual. This article is to give you a few tips on how to build a buzz from a listener’s perspective. It’s also useful for casual reading. So whether you agree or disagree with the tips my wish is that you enjoy.

Remove the H-Word From Your Vocabulary
The very first thing I want to address is the words “hate,” haters” and phrase “hate on.” Every aspiring emcee should be able to distinguish the difference between someone hating on you versus never hearing of you. There is a possibility that someone hates on you but then again there is an even higher possibility that you are just misusing the word. Maybe you received some constructive criticism. That certainly isn’t hate. It’s normal to be sensitive about your art but not everyone is going to like what you put out. That doesn’t make them haters.

Have  a Personality

Maybe you are in the studio everyday but you’re not a machine that just cranks out music daily. You have a favorite sports team, a movie you’d like to see, a favorite food spot you like to hit. Let people know that you live a life outside of music. It makes you more personable. If you give off the impression that all you do is rap you’ll come off boring to us regular folk. You don’t have to tweet about everything you do in a day but let us know that you like to hoop or you have a sense of humor as well as a knack for picking dope beats.

tmcafee tweet 2

  • Stick With One Name

One way to guarantee a stunt in your musical growth is by changing your name. Whether it’s changed on Twitter, Instagram or on your mixtape cover, changing your name is a bad idea. Stick with the same name so when people hear of you they can find you. We all have been put on to someone’s music by word of mouth. Changing your name makes you harder to keep up with. Same thing goes for social networking sites. Changing your name on twitter often could effect your buzz. It would be difficult to keep up with what you got going if you’re changing your name every month.


One of my favorite underground rappers didn’t put out a single song last year. He plugged his new project he planned on dropping this year but he didn’t release any work at all last year. No videos, no singles, no features. He definitely has the talent to bounce back but his next project will definitely be make or break with a lot of listeners, especially with this joint being a year in the making. As an aspiring rapper your job doesn’t stop. You want to meet as many ears as you possibly can. You should be doing shows, shooting videos, dropping freestyles  or doing something that will have people anticipating your next album.


Everybody is doing something now. Everyone has a tool that you can use. Show your face at events. You could possibly link up with photographers, videographers, web designers, bloggers, fashion designers, etc. There are all kinds of tools at these shows and events. Showing support also will get you some support when you need it. Look at other aspiring rappers as peers instead of competition. Work with one another to achieve goals. There is nothing wrong with having a trusty circle but networking and building bridges will help more than hurt.

I know I didn’t cover all of the bases but these are just a few helpful tips you could utilize this year. Good luck chasing your dreams.

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  1. Very nice write up. Gotta pass this around to all of our local aspiring artists in general…

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