[Mixtape] Soufside Chico – Incognito

Remember J. Cannon? Young energetic dude who released a solid mixtape a few months back? Well this Soufside Chico is out the same camp. Chico is kind of splashing on the scene with a dope tape. Incognito is pretty much¬†exclusively¬†produced by Ric and Thadeus. Now I’m not familiar with these guys but their sound is high quality. I’ll definitely do some more research on these guys. Chico also caught beat from the talented Josh La Rock, a name our staff and readers are used to seeing by now. Chico is a name name (at least for us) and he is setting the bar pretty high for the local scene this year. Oh. Almost forgot. Incognito is hosted by my homie, DJ Always.

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[Mixtape] Soufside Chico - Incognito , 9.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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