[Video] Trinidad Jame$ featuring Forte Bowie – “Southside”

Trinidad Jame$ follows up the world renown “All Gold Everything” with a visual to “Southside.” This record is one of my favorites on the mixtape second to “Females Welcomed.” The production is ill and the ad libs on the hook are infectious. Not to mention Forte Bowie gets busy with numerous rhyme schemes in a single verse. The video on the other hand, lacks to say the least. Same old same. Female boxing and the whole Zone 4 outside the club. A lot of ratchet b*tches and no classy b*tches. They must have had to work overtime at the call center. I can’t say I’m a Trinidad Jame$ fan just yet. I feel like I’m a little too old to support his er- rather loud image but on a different note I can respect his hustle. Only time will tell if Trinidad Jame$ is staple for Atlanta’s rap scene or just a fad.

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