[Fashion] Stussy x mastermind JAPAN 2013 Spring/Summer Collection


I’ve delved into a lot of what Stussy is doing lately and must say this is one of the best collaborations I’ve seen from them. The Stussy x A Bathing Ape is my favorite by far, but this definitely up there with it. mastermind JAPAN & Stussy keep it simple with this collection as everything is in a black & white colorway. The mixture of mastermind’s skull & crossbones with Stussy interlocking S sets this collection off and makes it a sure hit. Keep your eyes open when this collection releases at official Stussy and mastermind JAPAN stockists.

mastermind-japan-x-stussy-2013-spring-summer-capsule-collection-7 mastermind-japan-x-stussy-2013-spring-summer-capsule-collection-6 mastermind-japan-x-stussy-2013-spring-summer-capsule-collection-5 mastermind-japan-x-stussy-2013-spring-summer-capsule-collection-4 mastermind-japan-x-stussy-2013-spring-summer-capsule-collection-3 mastermind-japan-x-stussy-2013-spring-summer-capsule-collection-2 mastermind-japan-x-stussy-2013-spring-summer-capsule-collection-1 mastermind-japan-x-stussy-2013-spring-summer-capsule-collection-9

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