[Fashion] The Hundreds – Spring 13 Collection (Delivery 2)

the-hundreds-spring-2013-collection-release-info-05-570x380Seeing as The Hundreds are popping up on a lot of people’s chest in Louisville, I figured it’s only right to give word of their latest drop. The Los Angeles raised label will be delivering the second installment of their Spring 2013 collection in stores March 7th and online March 11th, next Monday. This delivery is set to be a hit with sure to be favorites like a denim jacket, striped board shorts, and a classic navy blue/green varsity jacket. Make sure to hit the Hundreds online shop for this release if you can’t get to one of the flagship stores.

the-hundreds-spring-2013-collection-release-info-21-570x380 the-hundreds-spring-2013-collection-release-info-18-570x380 the-hundreds-spring-2013-collection-release-info-17-570x380 the-hundreds-spring-2013-collection-release-info-16-570x380 the-hundreds-spring-2013-collection-release-info-15-570x380 the-hundreds-spring-2013-collection-release-info-14-570x380 the-hundreds-spring-2013-collection-release-info-10-570x380  the-hundreds-spring-2013-collection-release-info-08-570x380the-hundreds-spring-2013-collection-release-info-09-570x380

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