[Event] Niggerbop Forum @ Strickler Auditorium

Recently U of L’s REACH Ambassador referred to Kendrick Lamar’s music as “Niggerbop.” It quickly set social networks ablaze with outrage. If you were involved in the viral stoning of the REACH Ambassador you should come out and share your views on her comments and defend your culture.

Josh Schuschke writes:

“The purpose of this panel discussion is to give students an outlet to voice their opinions and discuss the recent issue, in which a REACH ambassador referred to Kendrick Lamar’s music as Niggerbop.

The REACH ambassador also went on to explain what constitutes as “Niggerbop” thugging, drinking, sex, etc. So we will move the conversation onto hip-hop and if this music is giving white people a valid excuse to use this derogatory term to describe our culture.

The third part of the conversation will be centered around issues regarding race at UofL itself, as every two or three years something like this happens on campus. So we will discuss how to prevent this kind of action in the future and what we need to do as a black student body to educate white students and implement a zero tolerance policy for this kind of behavior.”

The discussion takes place Wednesday March 27th at 12:00 pm in Strickler Auditorium.

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