[Fashion] I Love Ugly – Spring/Summer 2013 Bucket Hats

i-love-ugly-springsummer-2013-bucket-hats-02-630x420It’s about that time for the weather to warm up and the bucket hats to come out. Those round brim hats used for protection from the sun, and even more so for a cool look, get a nice twist from New Zealand’s I Love Ugly. Take a look at the collection below, then head over to the online store to get yours.

i-love-ugly-springsummer-2013-bucket-hats-01-630x420 i-love-ugly-springsummer-2013-bucket-hats-04-630x420 i-love-ugly-springsummer-2013-bucket-hats-05-630x420 i-love-ugly-springsummer-2013-bucket-hats-03-630x420 i-love-ugly-springsummer-2013-bucket-hats-06-630x420

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